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Pretty Little Liars Spring Finale (RECAP)

Pretty Little Liars Spring Finale (RECAP)

So um yeah...

Last night's episode was kinda Amazing!!


But to sum it all up for you here's what we found out in the Spring Finale:


- Spencer did NOT kill Alison! (I was really worried about this for a while so now I have peace of mind)

- Ezra def isn't A and I believe actually is in love with Aria. (So sad he might be dead now)

- Alison's mom KNOWS who killed Alison but has been covering it up this entire time (for some reason we don't know.)

- Alison's mom saw who smashed Ali in the head with a rock..

- We still have NO CLUE who A is... but we do know A can jump from high buildings...

- I think A could now possibly be Alison's brother?! (I'm running out of people to guess at this point)

- Mona is still super sketch...

-The summer premiere is June 10th!


PS: I really hope Ezra doesn't die... I actually had tears in my eyes last night at the end... #bringEzraback


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